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129 Ways to Get a Life is a series in which I, Emily Bice (a single 20-something writer in Brooklyn) exclusively follow the advice of a dating column published in 1958 to explore modern loving and living. Some essays will be silly and some deep. Some will have a lot of action. Others will be a bust, but never a bore. This project is an adventure in progress, and I have no idea what the ending is. I hope it’s a happy one.

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This should feel like a community for people who are all looking for something. It could be levity in a heavy world, inspiration to get back on the horse, a way to not be alone, ideas about how to meet new friends, or simply a good explanation of where to find a knife-making class in NYC. This series can be whatever you need it to be.

I’m excited about this journey and touched that you’re coming along for the ride. The more people the better, so please share and engage. If the world knows about 129 Ways to Get a Life maybe we’ll get the resources to do even the zaniest items on the list (because I WILL need help to properly Stow Away on a Battleship).

Talk soon! Bye! Love you!

xo Emily

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A series in which a 20-something exclusively follows the advice of a dating column published in 1958 to explore modern love and life.


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